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Hands-On Blockchain Workshop

ACE Training NTUC Centre – Room 903 July 12, 2018 $15

Learn about blockchain technology like you never did before! Ever wondered about Blockchain? What is it and how does it work? How […]

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Get To The Front Page of Google – SEO Workshop

ACE Training June 7, 2018 Free

Search Engine Optimization – Mention these 3 words or its acronym (SEO) to anyone in business and watch their eyes light up. […]

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Cyber Security: How Hackers Hunt For Information About Your Enterprise And You

ACE Training NTUC Centre – Room 903 May 9, 2018 $15

In an increasingly interconnected world, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. More of our information is now out there in the […]

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Engage Your Consumers With Gamification

ACE Training NTUC Centre – Room 901 April 13, 2018 $15

Engage Your Consumers With Gamification In this age of high-speed Internet and cutting-edge devices, too many things are competing for a consumer’s […]

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Get Your Website To Page One

ACE Training The Hive @ New Bridge Road December 13, 2017 $15
SEO is a hot buzzword nowadays, especially for businesses which rely on the Internet to provide or get exposure for their products [...]
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Live Local, Go Global: Exploring Freelance IT Project Management

ACE Training NTUC Centre – Room 903 August 31, 2017 US$20

“Contingent workforce” is quickly becoming the next business buzz-phrase as more and more companies begin to outsource their IT work. As an […]

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Blog Posts

Every IoTalents event comes with its own story. The planning, the learning points, the journey. Join us as we use the power of words and pictures to bring that story to life. Alternatively, learn and thing or two as we share our knowledge from the tech and business world through our writings.