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Cyber Security: How Hackers Hunt For Information About Your Enterprise And You

May 9, 2018 @ 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM | $15

In an increasingly interconnected world, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. More of our information is now out there in the digital cloud: your photos, emails, texts, documents, and more.

Imagine if malicious individuals got access to that information! Just look at Sony Picture’s 2014 hack for a good example: a multi-billion dollar film division of one of the biggest names in entertainment, had its networks breached and subsequently publicly humilated.

Don’t let that happen to you or your enterprise. To successfully defend against cyber criminals, you must first know how one thinks and operates.

Who Should Attend

We welcome anyone who has an interest in cybersecurity and emerging technologies to come on by.

Cybersecurity is not just for industry professionals – it concerns you and me. This naturally includes:

  • Technology / IT professionals
  • Cybersecurity and information security professionals
  • Ethical hackers and enthuaisists
  • Business owners, managers and stakeholders
  • Students and educators looking to learn about cybersecurity
  • Anyone with an interest in cybersecurity and how it affects you directly

What You Will Learn

Live Hacking Demonstration

You may have seen hacking videos on YouTube, Facebook, or read about it in the news. But have you actually experienced being hacked yourself?

Witness an exclusive LIVE hacking demonstration and see first hand how hackers work to break into your systems and steal your data – all right under your nose.

  • Gain unprecedented access into the methodologies of a hacker
  • Learn about the mindset and thought processes of a hacker
  • Understand first-hand how cyber criminals gain unauthorised access to your information

Engage in a Dialogue on Cybersecurity

In addition to the practical knowledge shared through the live hacking demo, learn how Cybersecurity has evolved in importance and relevance in today’s high-tech world.

  • Sharing on the current state of Cybersecurity from an industry insider
  • The future of Cybersecurity and what it means for you and your business
  • A dialogue Q&A-style session for you to engage with the speaker-expert
  • Networking opportunities with capable talents of the tech industry

Join us for an evening of insightful learning and learn how to safeguard your business and yourself from the prying hands and eyes of cyber intruders.

It will all be worth it!

Speaker Profile:

Loi Liang Yang is a Cybersecurity Professional from IBM Security, a Certified Ethical Hacker and an adjunct lecturer for ethical hacking and network defense. Liang Yang graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s in Information Systems with Honours and holds the CompTIA Security+ professional certification. He was a member of the winning team at the inaugural Mastercard Pay & Fly Challenge. With his expert level skills and knowledge, Liang Yang helps his clients put up defenses againt cyber threats.

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Understand the mind of a cyber criminal through an evening of learning with award winning cyber security expert, Loi Liang Yang.


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